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Data-oriented software for subscribers like you that wish to capture relevant and useful leads particulars like job-role, location, industry, organization size etc for enhancing their marketing skills and yield more sales.

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Our system allows you to capture and create a comprehensive list of your client's information like name, phone number, email id, etc so that you can approach them with a lot of ease.

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With us you can refine your search results based on the company's location, size, job-role, industry type, etc as our system comes with a search feature that gives you the liberty to capture only relevant and unlimited leads directly and export the same to your Excel.

Capture client's contact information like phone number and email id.

Create your own targeted lists of contacts with our advanced software.

Our product makes it easier for you to pitch new clients by letting you source their relevant details like email and contact id.

Build targeted lists quickly and with a lot of ease.

All our contact data is fully validated and we also ensure that your present account and contact data is timely cleaned so that you only recieve reliable, accurate, useful and complete data.

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Easy to capture targeted clients email information.

Capture relevant contacts and get the same exported to MS Excel file and create a useful targeted list from B2B social media. Users can also upload these targeted lists to the CRM or share with their team members.

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